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The Euradria network is active in the field of promoting the mobility of job seekers in the EU, especially in the Euradria region, in the cross-border area between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia within the meaning of free movement of the workforce.

With the help of the network of specialised partners from different categories of subjects in the world of employment (employment services, employers’ associations, trade unions, etc.) and EURES counsellors, Euradria provides help and counselling to job seekers and employers in the region who are looking for specific personnel with suitable skills.

Additionally, it encourages measures that are directed towards specific segments of the cross-border labour market, such as maintaining of jobs, solving problems in the field of cross-border employment and the chance for growth in the cross-border area.

Purpose, goals and results of the project

The purpose of the project is:

  • to contribute to the improvement of employment in the Euradria region (Obalno-kraška region, Notranjsko-kraška region, Goriška region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Istria, Primorsko-goranska region),
  • to increase informing and employment opportunities for cross-border workers,
  • to improve the personnel search process for employers in all three countries and
  • to ensure qualified support to all partners in the region.

The final goal of the project is to contribute to the formation of the common labour market in the area of Euradria by identifying the flow of mobility in the cross-border area between Slovenia, Italy and Croatia and to perceive and eliminate obstacles that are still present in the field of cross-border employment. 

Project funding

The project is financed by the European Union in the context of the EaSI programme (EaSI - EURES – Cross-border partnership and support to cooperation on intra-EU mobility for social partners and EEA countries).

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Contact person

Jana Krušič:

More information

Visit the website of the project.