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The system of eServices can be used only by registered users, therefore you need to go through the registration before you log in for the first time. By registering you will create your own account.

You can register and log in with a digital certificate or with a username, namely with your e-mail address and a password. Before you log in for the first time, you should register with the system of eServices as a legal entity.

eServices enable you:

  • to notify and manage job vacancies.
  •  to search among jobseekers in the eLabour Market database which means that you can browse among registered jobseekers according to your chosen criteria, and contact jobseekers by an e-mail inbox.
  • to exchange documentation if you are a provider of public works programmes.
  • to submit claims for a partial reimbursement of payment compensation.
  • to get insight into the status of your application for work permits to employ foreigners – to order receipts of submitted applications, to acquire information on a specific application.
  • to fill in the NAP-ZAP questionnaire whereby you inform the ESS about your plans in the field of employment and personnel development.
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