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Searching for workers

You have not selected a candidate for your vacancy yet.
Would you like that the ESS assists you in the selection?

If you do not have a candidate yet and would like that the ESS refers them to you, you can put this down on the notification of your vacancy and the ESS will help you in selecting the candidates. The quickest way is to fill in the form online using our eServices for employers, or you can print the form in Slovenian language and send it by mail, bring it to the nearest local office or simply call the local office.

You can also browse the database of registered candidates and agree with the ESS to refer the selected candidates to you.

Check if unemployed candidates have suitable:

  • education,
  • work experience,
  • employment goals,
  • and call a local office to refer the selected candidates to you.

If you register to the portal eServices, you can select the candidates via eLabour Market and contact them directly.

If you register to the portal eServices, you can search for candidates via eLabour Market (eLM) and contact the jobseekers directly.

This is a service where the candidates can create their eCV according to Europass standard including all important information – knowledge, skills, work experience, employment goals and wishes. If they wish, they can submit their eCV to the jobseekers database which can be browsed by employers. You can contact jobseekers by mailbox available within this service.

You can search candidates by:

  • education,
  • occupational area in which the candidates seek jobs,
  • work experience,
  • knowledge of foreign languages,
  • other knowledge, skills and competencies.

Perhaps you are seeking candidates in other European countries?  

You can search for workers via the EURES database of CVs and get information how to seek candidates in other European countries.

Employment legislation in Slovenia

Check the employment legislation in Slovenia.

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