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What can EURES do for you?

Create a My EURES user account at the European Job Mobility Portal, where you can:

For more information regarding employment processes, contact your local EURES adviser. EURES advisers can:

  • connect with advisers from all over Europe,
  • provide assistance in advertising your job vacancies,
  • organise job interviews, and
  • inform you of events and job fairs that might be of interest to you.

The principle of the free movement of workers in the European Union allows workers from all EU Member States plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (i.e. countries of the European Economic Area) and Switzerland to work without a work permit. For certain European citizens, access to the European labour market is temporarily limited.

The EURES network:

  • helps you find the right workers for your vacancies and 
  • provides useful information regarding employment on the European labour market.

You are also invited to European Job Days and to all other events organised by EURES.

Job fairs

Represent an ideal opportunity to conduct on-the-spot employment interviews with candidates. If you are unable to attend a job fair abroad, a EURES adviser can represent you there.

EOJDVisit European Online Job Days platform where dynamic recruitment events are happening which bring European jobseekers and employers together. 

Employers will enjoy free and direct access to a huge pool of European jobseekers interested in mobility.

The Job Days vary in size and focus but they are all run with the aim of encouraging mobility throughout Europe and, of course, placing the right candidate in the right job.

Watch a video that shows you how EURES can help you recruit workers from Europe.

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When can you start?

The practical guide to employment in Europe When can you start?, which presents the experiences of employers who recruit workers internationally.

Your first EURES job

Your first EURES job is an EU job mobility scheme to help young Europeans find a job in another Member State.

It targets both jobseekers and employers and provides a comprehensive mobility package which includes financial support.

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