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Frequently asked questions

How can EURES help me in my search for workers?

The European Job Mobility Portal  provides you:

  • access to CVs of job seekers from all over Europe,
  • the publication of your job vacancies, and
  • contact information for 900 EURES advisers from 31 European countries.

The EURES network:

  • helps you find the right workers for your vacancies and 
  • provides useful information regarding employment on the European labour market.

You are also invited to European Job Days and to all other events organised by EURES. 

What does the social security coordination mean?

Each country is free to decide who is insured under its laws, what rights arise from insurance and under what conditions. The European Union defines common rules, under which the social rights of workers are protected (in EU and EEA Member States, and in Switzerland). To that end, the following principles are upheld: the application of the laws of one country, equal treatment (non-discrimination), the consideration of previous periods of insurance and the transferability of rights (i.e. the exportability of a cash benefit) and the calculation of benefits.


What are job fairs and how do I register?

EU Member States organise various recruitment events (job fairs, job days...) where you as an employer come into direct contact with job seekers. If you would like to attend a job fair, contact your nearest EURES advisor, who will provide you information about the fair or visit The European Job Days web-site where you can participate free of charge on the online job fairs. The costs of visits to onsite fairs abroad are borne by the employer/job seeker. A EURES adviser can represent you at a fair (online or onsite) by prior agreement. A list of job fairs and various EURES events can be found on the European Job Mobility Portal.

How does the recognition and assessment of education proceed when employing workers from other EU/EEA Member States and Switzerland?

When employing a foreign worker, be aware of your country's conditions for recognising the qualifications of the worker you intend to employ.

You may contact the network of ENIC/ NARIC (European Network of Information Centres) / (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) regarding the recognition and assessment of qualifications received in another Member State.

Can EURES find me a business partner in Slovenia?

The Enterprise Europe Network can be of assistance to you when looking for business partners in Slovenia and abroad. The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of the benefits of the European market to the greatest extent possible, i.e. in the development of your operations on new markets, in transferring new technologies and in accessing European sources of financing. The network operates via more than 580 local business organisations across Europe and the world.

We are a European company that would like to provide services in Slovenia. What is the procedure?

Conditions for providing services in Slovenia

Single point of contact eVEM offers foreign service providers:

  • requirements, conditions and procedures for establishing and providing services,
  • contact information for the competent authorities,
  • access to public databases regarding service providers,
  • general information regarding legal remedies in the event of a dispute, and
  • contact information for organisations that provide practical assistance.

 A list of points of single contact in other countries may be found on the website of the European Commission.

Registration for the provision of services in Slovenia

To provide services in Slovenia, a statement regarding the provision of services using eForm must be submitted to the Employment Service of Slovenia at least one day prior to the start of work. The aforementioned form includes the following information:

  • number of posted workers,
  • type of service,
  • location and duration of the provision of services, and
  • name and surname of the posted worker who will serve as your liaison with the competent Slovenian supervisory authorities.

Registration is completed by a service provider from another European country by submitting eForm.

Find more information about posting workers to Slovenia: EnglishDeutsch.

What is EURES?

EURES is the abbreviation for "EURopean Employment Services", a network of employment services covering all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The aim of the EURES network is to support the free movement of workers and promote international worker mobility in member states.