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How can I recruit workers in Slovenia?

EURES Slovenia offers you:

  • the publication of your employee needs on the websites of Slovenian employment service;
  • the first selection of potential candidates and the organisation of job interviews in Slovenia; and
  • the possibility of participating in job fairs in Slovenia.

You will increase the likelihood of finding the right candidate for your job vacancy if you:

  • prepare a precise description of the job and related working conditions, including also job titlecontact details of your company, deadline for submitting the application, conditions required; education, skills, work experience, payment, help with the administration procedures;
  • contact your (local) EURES adviser, who will provide you information regarding international recruitment; and
  • register or announce job vacancies through a local employment agency.
  • You or your local EURES advisor can send announcements regarding job vacancies to the Slovenian EURES at
  • Your help in the search for employment and in learning a new language for future employees will be welcome.
  • Do not forget to check the process of recognising qualifications.
  • You can send the selected candidate a draft employment contract in advance by e-mail.

Your new co-worker will adjust better to the working environment and will be more effective if you provide:

  • basic information regarding transportation, traffic connections and the local environment,
  • mentoring and training,
  • assistance in learning the language, and
  • assistance in the inclusion of a co-worker's family in the new working and social environments.

For all questions regarding employment on the European labour market, contact:

Your feedback on the recruitment result is highly appreciated. Some of the best recruitment practices in EURES are published on the EURES portal.


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