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Leaving Slovenia

Verify that you have done the following before returning home:

  • terminated your temporary residence in Slovenia at the administrative unit,
  • settled all tax liabilities with the Tax Administration,
  • settled all liabilities from subscriptions, such as telecommunications,
  • received the appropriate portable documents for exercising or transferring your rights arising from social security 
  • obtained all documents for the recognition of education in your home country, if you received formal education in Slovenia. Contact ENIC/ NARIC centres .

Claiming unemployment benefits after working in Slovenia

If you reside in another EU, EEA country or Switzerland you may choose to register as a job seeker and claim unemployment benefits either in Slovenia or in the country where you reside.

Special rules apply to cross border workers. If you work in Slovenia but  reside in another EU country and return there every day or at least once a week, you are a cross-border worker. This means that if you become unemployed, you should register with the employment services and claim unemployment benefits in your country of residence.

If you choose to claim unemployment benefits in your home country you should apply for a portable document U1 (statement of periods to be taken into account for granting unemployment benefits) provided by the Employment Service of Slovenia. The portable document U1 will be sent to the address written on your application. Consult your local employment office about the conditions for claiming unemployment benefits in the country where you reside.

Visit the frequently aked questions page of the European Commission.

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