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What financial support can be provided and how to apply?

Reactivate project aims to match employers with hard to fill vacancies with skilled candidates across Europe. Employers with recruitment needs, focus on SMEs, must contact a EURES Adviser/staff or a Public Employment Service Officer in order to take part.

An employer may receive a mobility service package containing: recruitment services i.e. help to publish vacancies on the EURES portal, matching of suitable candidates from abroad, as well as information on what to think about before employing from abroad.

If a co-operation is established with EURES/Public Employment Service regarding recruitment, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may also receive financial support if they offer an integration programme to their newly employed person(s) aged 35+ from another EU country.

The financial support covers some of the costs for: on the job training, language training and administrative support etc. helping the new employee to get settled.

In order to apply for financial support, you must fulfil the conditions.

  • EURES will help you fill in whole application, undersigned by employer then print and scan it,
  • attach proof of registration to ensure legal establishment as an employer in a country of employment, statement that shows that employer is the holder of the bank account and copy of passport of the person(s) being employed and their employment contracts,
  • scan and send application and all documents by e-mail.

Eures Reactivate

Applications to take part shall be managed and sent in by EURES/the Public Employment Service. Please contact the project partners for more information regarding project, application forms etc.

The application must be submitted at the latest the day before the start of the employment. The project will verify all information given.


The project supports European mobility and sustainable recruitments with fair working conditions. The project cannot support employment within businesses with high turnover or with one or more days of unpaid trial work or training before employment or which offers only commission with no fixed wages.

Please note that the project can no longer approve support to jobseekers for jobs within the sector Business support/call center. This also applies when employers operating within this sector seek support through the project. Experience shows that support for jobs within this sector is not compatible with the project's basic purpose, which is to promote sustainable employment and mobility in Europe through recruitments of good quality.

Main conditions

In order to apply for a financial support, you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • you are a small or medium sized company/organisation with a maximum of 250 employees;
  • you are legally registered in any of the EU countries;
  • the person you offer employment to is 35+ and a citizen in another EU country;
  • you offer employment for a minimum of six months;
  • you offer wages and work conditions in accordance with national labour market law and praxis, such as collective agreements or minimum wage;
  • the working hours you offer must be at least 50 percent of a normal working week;
  • you do not offer work in one country and thereafter send out your employee to work in another country, so called posted worker;
  • the introduction must start during the new employee´s initial three weeks of work.

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