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Your first EURES job (YfEj)

... that the Your first EURES job project will end by end of January 2017. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that your application will be processed, hence your application could be declined.
However, a new Your first EURES job project will start on the 2nd of February 2017 and new applications can be accepted after that. 

About YfEj

Your first EURES job (YfEj) is a targeted mobility scheme to help young nationals in the 18–35 age bracket of any of the 28 EU countries and the European Free Trade Association/European Economic Area (EFTA/EEA) countries (Norway and Iceland) to find a work placement in another EU EFTA/EEA country than their country of residence.

It also helps employers, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to find the workforce they need for their hard-to-fill vacancies.

The Public Employment Service of Sweden/EURES Sweden is the administrator and lead-applicant of the EU project Your first EURES job – Targeted Mobility Scheme until January 2017. The project is run by eight different countries in a Consortium with Sweden as the lead, Ireland, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, the Azores, and Slovenia. The project covers all of the EU countries, Norway and Iceland.

Under the present call, the sheme is expected to ensure around 1,500 work placements.

The project supports European mobility and sustainable recruitments with fair working conditions. The project cannot support employment within businesses with high turnover or with one or more days of unpaid trial work or training before employment or which offers only commission with no fixed wages.


Our project only supports jobs, not traineeships or apprenticeships. However, traineeships and apprenticeships are covered by the Italian project. Please refer to the EURES portal.

Find your job through the EURES portal where available jobs from all European member states are published. If you add your CV to the site, registered employers can find your specific competence. You can contact any of the eight countries in the Consortium to get information about the project and current job opportunities. For further job matching towards jobs in Europe you may also contact your local EURES Adviser. For questions please mail to:

Please note that the project can no longer approve support to jobseekers for jobs within the sector Business support/call center. This also applies when employers operating within this sector seek support through the project. Experience shows that support for jobs within this sector is not compatible with the project's basic purpose, which is to promote sustainable employment and mobility in Europe through recruitments of good quality.

Who can get financial support?

1. Jobseekers

2. Employers

1. Jobseekers

Young people aged 18-35 who wish to find job in a Member State other than their country of residence. 


It is obligatory to have contact with EURES in order to apply for the project.

We can help you to find a job and inform you on what to think about before starting to work abroad.


Young candidates can qualify for:

  • Interview trip,
  • Relocation allowance,
  • Language course,
  • Recognition of qualifications,
  • Supplementary relocation allowance.

You must apply for the financial support before the date of the job interview and the day before work starts, the financial support cannot be provided retroactively.

Only candidates who have been at least pre-selected for recruitment abroad or have found a job in another Member State may qualify for financial support.

  • you are between 18-35 years of age,
  • you are a citizen of an EU country and Norway and Iceland,
  • you are a legal resident in an EU country and Norway and Iceland and apply for a job in another EU country and Norway and Iceland,
  • the job applied for must have a duration of at least 6 months,
  • the working hours must be at least 50 percent of a normal working week,
  • you do not receive paid travel from the employer or other project or authority.

Read more about what financial support can be provided and how to apply.

For questions please mail to:

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2. Employers

Businesses or other organisations legally established in the EU28 and the EFTA/EEA countries in accordance with the EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway), irrespective of the economic sector, with a particular focus on SMEs, can qualify for financial support.


In the case of international recruitment, adequate post-placement support can facilitate the candidate’s integration in the new job. 

  • you are a small or medium sized company/organisation with a maximum of 250 employees;
  • you are legally registered in any of the EU countries and Norway and Iceland;
  • enterprises or other organisations based in the Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein or in third countries cannot participate under the provisions of the TMS-YfEj scheme. However, companies from those countries but legally established in any EU28 and/or EFTA/EEA country in accordance with the EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway) are eligible to participate in the scheme;
  • the person you offer employment to is between the age of 18-35 and a citizen in another EU country and Norway and Iceland;
  • you offer employment for a minimum of six months;
  • you offer wages and work conditions in accordance with national labour market law and praxis, such as collective agreements or minimum wage;
  • the working hours you offer must be at least 50 percent of a normal working week;
  • you do not offer work in one country and thereafter send out your employee to work in another country, so called posted worker;
  • the introduction must start during the new employee´s initial three weeks of work.

Read more about what financial support can be provided and how to apply.

For questions please mail to:

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With financial support from the European Union: EaSI 2014-2020 programme.

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Contact YFEJ Slovenia

You can send your application and requests for additional information regarding YFEJ to e-mail:


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