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Frequently asked questions

What is EURES?

EURES is the abbreviation for "EURopean Employment Services", a network of public European employment services and their national partners. EURES functions in the Member States of the EU and the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) and in Switzerland.

The aim of the EURES network is to support the free movement of workers and promote international worker mobility in member states.

How should I prepare my CV?

Draft a clear and well-structured CV. We recommend you use the EUROPASS CV format, adopted by the European Union as the standard European CV.

How is my education assessed in Slovenia?

Contact the competent education institutions regarding the recognition of past education if you wish to continue your education in Slovenia. Education institutions issue decisions regarding your rights to enroll in an education programme.
If you wish to be employed in Slovenia, ENIC-NARIC centre in Slovenia, which will issue an opinion regarding specific elements of your education.

This includes information regarding the comparability of your education with the Slovenian education system, as well as other information. A final decision regarding employment is made by the employer, who determines the conditions for employment. In addition to formal education, an employer also takes into account a candidate's competences, skills and additional knowledge.

Which documents do I need to submit at the registration?

When you register you have to submit

  • a valid identity document,
  • a completed and signed application for registration.

In order to obtain data on your work experience and insurance period, the ESS can ask you to submit your workers book, or a certificate or diploma on the attained levels of your education.

If you are a jobseeker whose employment is at risk, you will also have to submit:

  • the termination of your employment contract due to business reasons, or
  • the employment contract for a definite period of time.

How do I draw up an employment contract with an employer in the Republic of Slovenia?

You sign the employment contract with the employer. The employer is obliged to enrol you in the compulsory pension, disability and health insurance scheme as well as the unemployment insurance scheme by submitting the M-1 form.

Before you agree on the employment contract the employer (if the company is part of public sector or mostly owned by state) is obliged to submit a vacancy to the Employment Service, including the terms and conditions of work for each vacancy.

Which rights am I entitled to as an unemployed person?

The rights of persons listed in the register of unemployed persons are as follows:

  • the right to unemployment benefit;
  • the right to the payment of contributions for compulsory social insurance;
  • the right to the payment of contributions for pension and disability insurances for one year before you meet the minimal conditions to claim old-age pension as it is stipulated by the pension and disability insurance regulations.

The insured persons can claim the rights on the basis of paid contributions in compliance with the rules which regulate individual types of social insurance.

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