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Frequently asked questions

Which documents do I need to transfer unemployment benefit from my home (EU) country to Slovenia?

If you want to look for a job in Slovenia, you may carry on receiving your unemployment benefits from your local employment office under certain conditions for a period of three months (which can be extended up to six months).

In order to transfer unemployment benefits successfully you will need to apply for a portable document U2 (authorisation to export your unemployment benefits) at your national employment service and submit the form to the Employment service of Slovenia once you arrive.

What does active jobseeking mean?

In accordance with the Labour Market Regulation Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 80/2010) active jobseeking means that:

  • you regularly follow advertised vacancies and send applications on time in accordance with the employment goals in your employment plan,
  • you respond adequately to the referrals of the Employment Service and other measures providers according to the above mentioned act,
  • you attend job interviews when you are invited by the employer, Employment Service or other measures providers,
  • you are obliged to agree with the ESS employment counsellor on a new appointment within 15 days at the latest since your last agreed activity,
  • you carry out all other activities from your employment plan.
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