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Assistance in jobseeking

In jobseeking and career guidance we offer:

1. Information on the labour market and job opportunities, including:

  • supply and demand on the labour market,
  • primary working tasks in contemporary occupations,
  • job opportunities,
  • education and training opportunities
  • possibilities to claim the right for unemployment benefit,
  • other information on labour markets in Slovenia, EU and EEA countries, and the Swiss Confederation.

2. Tools for self-directed career guidance

Tools for self-directed career guidance which guide you through the key points of career planning and guidance, helps you choose an occupation.

3. Career counselling

Employment Service of Slovenia provides two types of career counselling – basic career counselling and in-depth career counselling.

4. Learning career guidance skills

By learning career guidance skills you will be equipped for taking decisions about your career and jobseeking.

5. Lifelong career guidance

Lifelong career guidance for pupils, secondary school and university students, and their parents.

6. Jobbroking

The Employment Service offers jobbroking for those vacancies which the employers ask for co-operation of the ESS.

ESS services are available:

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