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Tools for self-directed career guidance

1. eCounselling

eCounselling provides access to all tools which guide you through the key points of career planning and guidance. Before using it you should register with the ESS web portal eServices (only in Slovene).

2. Computer programme Where and How

Computer programme Where and How (it is based on the Cascaid’s careers package programme for adults) helps you choose an occupation. Taking the test Where and How can provide you with new ideas and expand your knowledge on the known and new occupations.

You can use Where and how online in Slovenian language. Or you should visit the Career Centres or Local Labour Offices, some adult education centres and lifelong learning centres.

3. Web service My Choice

Web service My Choice (created by the Slovenian Institute for Vocational Education and Training) helps you choose an occupation and further education and training. Have a look at the occupations which are interesting to you and find out which education you need to perform such jobs. You can use the web service My Choice by clicking on or visiting Career Centres.

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