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What is jobbroking and how it is carried out?

A jobbroking process starts with the notification of a vacancy. The employers wish that the ESS refers to them the most suitable jobseekers as regards the requirements of the notified vacancy. The employers define the required competencies. In co-operation with the employers, the ESS carries out the selection procedures and notifies the results both to the selected jobseekers and employers.
The ESS refers the selected candidates to the employer according to the method they have previously agreed upon.

What is taken into account in jobbroking?

Your education or occupation, work experience, additional knowledge, skills and competencies, abilities and qualifications for work, and possibilities on the labour market are all taken into account in the process of jobbroking. An individual’s motivation for work plays a very important role as well.

For whom is jobbroking intended?

Jobbroking in Slovenia is available to unemployed persons and jobseekers registered with the ESS.

Regarding the EU and EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation, jobbroking is available through the EURES services to other jobseekers as well.