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Learning career guidance skills

What do I gain by learning career guidance skills?

Learning career guidance skills enables you to acquire skills:

  • to identify your interests and competencies for a successful presentation at a prospective employer,
  • to identify employment opportunities in the environment,
  • to take decisions about your career,
  • to realize your employment and career goals.

With up-to-date career guidance skills you will know everything that a contemporary jobseeker needs to know:

  • where and how to seek a job,
  • how to successfully present yourself to a prospective employer in the contemporary market economy,
  • how to write an application, a good CV and a cover letter in order to get a job interview,
  • how to prepare yourself for a job interview,
  • which are the most frequent questions of the employers, and
  • how to thank the employer and thus increase your employment possibilities.

For whom is learning career guidance skills intended?

Learning career guidance skills is available to you if you are registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia as an unemployed person or a jobseeker whose employment is at risk and you wish to become a contemporary jobseeker.

How can I be included into the group learning career guidance skills?

You can learn career guidance skills individually at the ESS or you can take part in workshops delivered by local offices.

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