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eServices for Jobseekers

The system of eServices can be used only by registered users, therefore you need to go through the registration before you log in for the first time. By registering you will create your own account.

You can register and log in with a digital certificate or with a username, namely with your e-mail address and a password. Before you log in for the first time you should register with the system of eServices.

eServices enable you:

  • to register as an unemployed person (if you are not employed and you actively seek employment). You will get the appointment for the first counselling interview with an employment counsellor or the date for the information-motivational seminar.
  • to register as a jobseeker (if you are employed, retired, if you have a student status or if your employment is at risk). You will receive an invitation to a local labour office which will include a list of documents you will need to bring along.
  • to submit a claim for unemployment benefit.
  • to submit and manage your CV. You will enter the basic information or your CV to the jobseekers register which the authorised employers can access. You can create your CV according to the Europass standard.
  • to order certificates and receipts from various registers of the Employment Service (a certificate to prove that you are a registered jobseeker, a recipient of the unemployment benefit or the Zois scholarship for gifted students provided by the ESS before 1.9.2008, or, simply, that you are not registered anywhere). The receipt will be sent to your home address within three working days.
  • eCounselling – online counselling which helps you to choose your career path and seek employment.
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