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Register of unemployed persons

Register of unemployed persons

1. You can be listed in the register of unemployed persons if you are able to work, you actively seek employment and are willing to accept it, and:

  • you are not employed,
  • you are not self-employed,
  • you are not a company member and do not occupy a managing position in an unincorporated business and in a company limited by shares,
  • you are not a founder and at the same time a manager in an institution,
  • you do not hold a pension or disability insurance as a farmer,
  • you are not retired,
  • you do no not hold the status of a secondary school student, an apprentice or a university student,
  • you do not hold the status of a participant in adult education under the age of 26.

The fulfilment of conditions for your inclusion in the register of unemployed persons will be checked on the basis of data obtained from the official records of other institutions. 

2. We will also include you in the register of unemployed if:  

  • you are a citizen of an EU Member State, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or citizen of Switzerland; 
  • you are a foreigner and citizen of a state other than the EU, the EEA Member States (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or Switzerland and you have free access to the Slovenian labour market by law based on a:

    ⇒ permanent residence permit in Slovenia;

    ⇒ temporary residence permit in Slovenia for family reunion with a Slovenian citizen, issued to foreigners of Slovenian origin, issued to victims of trafficking in human beings or to victims of illegal employment;

    ⇒ right to international protection (free access to the Slovenian labour market is also enjoyed by your family members by law who live in Slovenia on the basis of a residence permit for family reunion);

    ⇒ granted status of a person enjoying temporary protection;
  • you are a foreigner with a single residence and work permit issued on the basis of consent for employment, self-employment or work (also a foreigner with an EU Blue Card);
  • you are a foreigner who resides in Slovenia with a temporary residence permit or a certificate showing that an application for extension of a residence permit was submitted in due time, and who is, on the basis of employment or self-employment, eligible to receive unemployment benefit in Slovenia, throughout the period of receiving it;
  • you are a foreigner holding a valid personal work permit issued under the Employment and Work of Foreigners Act (ZZDT-1) until the date of expiry of the personal work permit (Article 75 – transitional provision in respect of the of the Labour Market Regulation Act).

    Maintain the right to free access to the labour market also during your residence in the Republic of Slovenia on the basis of a certificate demonstrating that the application for extension of a residence permit or status was submitted in due time.

3. How do you obtain a receipt of registration with the Employment Service?

A receipt confirming that you are registered with the Employment Service can be ordered via Poišč portal (in Slovenian language) or obtained personally at the labour office.

Where and how to register with the Employment Service?

You can register with a labour office which you choose yourself depending on where you are seeking employment or depending on the proximity of your place of residence.

You can register by filling in and submitting the form: 

  • electronically through the portal (only in Slovenian language);
  • personally at the labour office;
  • by post to the address of the labour office where you intend to register by sending the application form for registration in the register of unemployed persons or the application form for registration in the register of job seekers;
  • through an authorised representative or through a person you authorise to perform specific actions or procedures.
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