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Legal Notice

All rights reserved by the ESS. Any information and documentation published on the internet sites of the ESS is subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection, and is a property of the ESS or other persons, who have transferred limited right of use to the ESS, which refers to the information of these persons published on the ESS internet sites.

Limited use of information and documentation

It is allowed to transfer information and documents of these internet sites for personal use, whereat it is prohibited to diversify copyright, intellectual property or other property right denominations. It is further prohibited to transfer or print information and documentation intended for viewing or reading for marketing purposes. Without the author’s express written permission it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify, send by post or e-mail, or to in any other way disseminate information and documentation published on the internet sites of the ESS. It is likewise strictly prohibited to use any element of the internet sites of the ESS in any other manner then for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Any use of the intranet sites contrary to the stated rules is prohibited. User, who utilizes the page contrary to the stated rules, is fully liable for damages.

Limitation of responsibility

The ESS reserves all rights to at any time and in any way modify the content of its internet sites regardless of reasons or without preliminary notice given. The ESS is not responsible for any possible damage resulting from accessing the web sites as well as from usage or incapability of using information published on these internet sites (e.g. Intermittent failures of browsers). The ESS is further not responsible for any damage deriving from errors or shortcomings in the content of the internet sites.

The ESS shall not assume any obligation related to possible damage caused to the visitors of the internet sites or to the third party using the internet sites or related sites, except when the refusal of assumption of an obligation is contrary to the law.

By consulting this page you have shown and confirmed that you are acquainted with and agree to the ESS terms of use.

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