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Working in Slovenia

Work permits continue to be issued for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens and for seasonal farming work lasting up to 90 days.

This has to be done pursuant to the Employment, Self-employment and Work of Foreigners Act, which came into force on 1 September 2015.

Single residence and work permit:

The single permit allows foreign nationals from third countries to enter Slovenia and find a residence, employment and work in Slovenia. Applicants for the permit are consequently able to take advantage of a simpler procedure at the administrative unit according to the one-stop-shop principle.

Foreign nationals coming to Slovenia with the aim of finding employment, self-employment or work thus no longer need two separate permits. The single permit has joined and replaced the residence permit, which was issued by administrative units, and the work permit, which was issued by our Employment Service of Slovenia.

Until 31 August 2015, all applications for employment and work had to be submitted to the Employment Service of Slovenia using the previous forms and following previous regulations and procedures. These applications are considered and processed in the same manner as before, i.e. in accordance with the Employment and Work of Aliens Act. Work permits issued on the basis of this law remain valid until they expire.

Starting on 1 September 2015, however, administrative units have begun accepting applications for the single residence and work permit. These applications are processed according to the new procedures and regulations, pursuant to the Employment, Self-employment and Work of Foreigners Act.

Applicants have to submit their single permit application at an administrative unit or at the diplomatic or consular office in their home country. The single permit procedure, managed by administrative units, requires the Employment Service of Slovenia's approval, which is granted – provided the legal requirements for that particular approval are met. The procedure for issuing approval is launched ex officio based on an administrative unit's request.

This means that single-permit applicants will not be required to seek approval themselves after submitting their application. The administrative unit will ex officio start the procedure for obtaining approval with the ESS on its own.

We grant approval for the single permit for the following:

  • Employment, self-employment and work;
  • Employment, extending employment, written approval because of changing workplaces with the same employer, changing employers or because of employment with two or more employers;
  • EU Blue Card,
  • Posted workers;
  • Training or further training courses for foreign nationals,
  • Individual foreign national services;
  • Work from an agent, lasting longer than 90 days in a calendar year, or
  • Seasonal work in farming, lasting longer than 90 days.

Approval is not necessary when issuing the single permit for the self-employment of a foreign national. Foreign nationals are entitled to self-employment after legally (and continuously) residing in Slovenia for one year. The above stated condition for residence do not apply if the foreign national is entered into the Business Register as a person with an independent professional occupation.

Work permit:

Work permits, issued by our Employment Service, continue to be necessary for:

  • seasonal farming work lasting up to 90 days (pursuant to the new Employment, Self-employment and Work of Aliens Act);
  • the employment of citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina (pursuant to the Agreement on the Employment of Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Slovenia, in force since 1 March 2013).

Services with posted workers and short-term work of representatives:

Companies from EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, who provide services in Slovenia using posted workers, are required to register the start of such service provision to our Employment Service.

The same goes for third-country companies, providing short-term services in Slovenia involving the supply of goods and servicing by using posted workers.

Register the start of service provision:

All foreign nationals, who work as short-term representatives, for a period no longer than 90 days in a calendar year, are likewise required to register the start of such work. These foreign nationals need to be entered in the Court Register as representatives of a legal entity.

Register the start of work:

Free access to Slovenian labour market:

Certain categories of foreign nationals have the right to free access to the Slovenian labour market even after 1 September 2015. This means they are able to work, find employment and become self-employed without a permit for work. This right still applies to citizens of EU member states, countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss citizens. Only Croatian citizens still require an employment permit in the transitional period after joining the EU.

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