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Social insurance

The employer must register each employee for insurance at the commencement of an employment relationship.

The right to unemployment benefit is exercised with the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Social security provides the rights to financial social assistance, maternity and paternity leave and child care leave by Social Work Centres. If you find yourself in social distress and having problems, you can turn to the competent Social Work Centre, too.

The rights arising from pension and disability insurance fall under the jurisdiction of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

Health insurance provides appropriate health and social security, as it covers medical care and treatment costs during illness, injury or other medical demand. Upon starting the employment relationship, you are usually only registered for obligatory health insurance and you need to arrange for supplementary insurance yourself!

NGOs services for people

Over 600 member organisations are active in different policy fields: environment, youth, human rights, social issues, equal opportunities, culture, regional development, development cooperation, etc.

If you find yourself in social distress and having problems, you can also turn to the non-governmental organisations that provide free assistance: CaritasSlovene Philanthropy , Novo mesto Association for Developing Voluntary Work, the Slovenian Red Cross.

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