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Worker rights

Worker rights are regulated by the Employment, Self-employment and Work of Foreigners Act, the Employment Relationship Act and implementing regulations.

Migrant workers have the same rights and obligations as national workers. The employer has to pay them for the work conducted, settle tax obligations, include them in social insurance for the duration of employment and, upon termination of employment, provide proof required for exercising their right to unemployment benefit.

The employer is obliged to register you for compulsory pension, disability, health and unemployment insurance. He has to provide a copy of the registration of work within 15 days of commencing work.

Insurance periods obtained in different countries are added up; however you cannot be insured in two countries at the same time.

The protection of rights upon the violation of provisions of the Employment Relationship Act and the collective agreements (working hours, breaks and rest periods, night work, annual leave, payment and the reimbursement of expenses, health and safety at work) is available by submitting a report with the regional units of the Labour Inspectorate.