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Cross border seminar 2012: Career management skills

The Employment Service of Slovenia, Euroguidance Slovenia organized in cooperation with the Euroguidance Centres of Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland the Cross Border Seminar – Career management skills from 22-23 May 2012 in Bled, Slovenia. Guidance counsellors and practitioners of the above mentioned countries from both the educational and employment sector participated at the event.


Today’s career management skills – its roots and evolution 

Valerija Čuček is a psychologist by education, working on the master’s in HR management, employed as head of developmental projects at Kadis, a small Slovenian HR consulting company. She has been working in the area of HR selection, consulting and career guidance for the last 8 years, linking the experience with employers on one side with career guidance services for the youth and adult job seekers on the other side. She has been involved in the development of new group guidance programmes through international projects and on the national level. She’s a regular columnist on HR topics in Finance, the leading Slovenian business daily, and a co-author of an HR handbook for employers.

Self-Marketing Activities: Concepts and Methods

Olaf Craney is a professional trained counselor and guidance. Since finishing his degree in “public administration” [Dipl. Verwaltungsw.(FH)] in Mannheim in 2006, he is employed at the German Employment Agency [Bundesagentur für Arbeit]. Hence Craney is an experienced vocational and occupational guidance to jobholders as well as to students or to deprived young people. Actually he is in employment as career guidance for professional classes and higher education. Shortly after graduating as a Master of Arts in personal, occupational and organizational counseling at University of Heidelberg in 2010, Craney was assigned as a career-guidance-trainer and he arranged several workshops for new methods and the new counseling-concept of the German Employment Agency. Craney also researches processes of quality development in educational and vocational guidance on other career services in Germany and he`s an honorary writer in the Journal of the German Association for Educational and Vocational Counseling (Deutscher Verband für Bildungs- und Berufsberatung, dvb).

Life-designing: new ways for coping with complex situations

Jean-Pierre Dauwalder PhD, former full professor for vocational and counselling psychology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), president of the European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling (ESVDC), member of the Steering Committee of the Erasmus Academic Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE), Member of the International Life-Design Research Group.

Beyond the barriers of personal development and career growth

Mgr. Marcela Holická PhD, graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava with a degree in andragogy, specializing in professional adult education. She previously worked for Slovak as well as international non-governmental organizations, being responsible mainly for projects, people managementand leading international voluntary exchange organization. She currently works in the human resources consultancy company Assessment Systems Slovakia as a senior consultant. At AssessmentSystems is responsible forprojects dedicated to education and development of employees, is also trainer of soft skills, coach, project consultant, etc. She also writes articles, attending HR conferences and workshops as speaker.

Career counselling based on Choice Theory

Mirjana Zećirević is head of Employment preparation department in Central office of the Croatian Employment Service. Psychologist, used to work in Regional office Zagreb as career counsellor. Before that she used to work in other areas of applied psychology - prevention and treatment of behavioural disorders of youth, marriage and family issues, organizational psychology and mental health protection. She is national representative in the European lifelong guidance policy network. She is senior instructor of the William Glasser Institute, Ca, USA. She also owns European Certificate for Reality Therapy – Psychotherapy, as well as European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP) licensed by European Association for Psychotherapy.

Focusing on resources – solution focused counselling tools

Camilla Bensch PhD in Psychology, Psychotherapist (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Clinical and Health Psychologist, since 2001 head of juvenile vocational integration programs in Vienna (WUK -Werkstätten und Kulturhaus), lecturer at the University of Vienna (Pedagogy) and the Viennese School for Social Work. Her research field is individual habilitation planning with mentally handicaped people. She has received training through De Shazer and Berg and other solution focused therapists. She provides training workshops on brief therapy interventions and on other psychological topics and has worked as a therapist in one to one and group-setting.

"Manage your career or it will manage you" – the use of ‘6Ps career management skills’ as a toolin a reflective construction of the career path

Aneta Slowik PhD (B.A. French Philology; B.A. English Philology, M.A. Pedagogy, specialisation: counselling; PhD in Human Sciences - Pedagogy) is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Office of Social Pedagogy and Counselling of University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (Poland). She has worked scientifically on career management skills on the basis of counselling processes for Polish citizenships, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Her field of research is related to biographical learning of Polish migrants in the North East of the UK. She has been invited several times as a visiting lecturerat University of Nantes (France), University of Fez (Morocco), Oslo University College (Norway), Newcastle University (UK), University of Patras (Greece), University of Natal (Brazil).

Empowerment in a diverse society

Helena Košťálová graduated from Silesian University in 1995 (her field of study was Social Management and Re-qualification). She works as a trainer and methodologist in the European Contact Group in the Czech Republic. Among her current activities are education and counselling focused mainly on foreigners and women and other socially disadvantaged people (people, who´s access to education and counseling is rather complicated) to empower them and increase their self-confidence. She specializes in the curricula development, identification and development of competencies. She is interested in lifelong learning, especially in the process of validation of non-formal and informal learning.

Career patterns as the outcome of individual resources, personal concerns and structural forces: construction, anchor, patchwork and dead-end

Markieta Domecka MA in Sociology, University of Wrocław (Poland); PhD in Sociology of Work and Organization, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium): studying professional biographies and career patterns in Polish business field; thesis awaiting defence; FP7 project “EUROIDENTITIES, The Evolution of European Identities”, Queen’s University Belfast (UK); FP7 project “LOCAW, Low Carbon at Work: Modelling Agents and Organisations to Achieve Transition to a Low Carbon Europe ”, University of Surrey (UK). She works on combining biographical method (Schütze) and morphogenetic approach (Archer) in studying career patterns in different social contexts; taking into account individual resources, personal concerns and subjective meanings on the one hand, and structural and organizational opportunities & constraints on the other.

Adam Mrozowicki PhD in social sciences (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) on coping strategies of Polish workers after the end of state socialism, post-doctoral research fellow of the Foundation for Polish Sciences (2009-2011), collaborator of the Institute for Public Affairs, European Foundation for Improvement of Working and Living Conditions, European Trade Union Institute. His main interests concern comparative employment relations, the theories of agency and subjectivity and biographical research methodology.

Which game do you play?

Miha Lovšin MSc is head of guidance and skills promotion activities at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET

Personal branding, the key of career management

Marcela Claudia Călineci is an expert in guidance and counselling with over 10 years experience in working with children and adults. Her initial training in educational sciences and psychology (as a graduate of 2 faculties) is further deepened within a MA in School counselling and another one in Information and Career Counselling and Human Resources. Under her PhD thesis(currently in progress) she approaches the Quality assurance models in guidance and counselling. Her professional experience includes consultancy and training sessions in education/human resources (Centre Education 2000+, Soros Open Network), as well as in career counselling or other specialised topics (personal development, communication and conflicts negotiation, stress and class management, creativity, teambuilding, emotional/multiple intelligence, learning styles, motivation, personal marketing). She has been involved in developing learning resources and methodological frameworks at national level (the national Guidance and counselling curricula for compulsory education) as well as in European projects, in partnership with the Institute of Educational Sciences and Euroguidance Romania. She was 7 years Director of the Municipal Centre of Psychopedagogical Assistance Bucharest which is the district authority for the Bucharest school guidance network.

How should I live my life? (Socio-dynamic Career Mapping)

István Kiss PhD (MA Psychology, specialisation: counselling and health psychology; PhD in social psychology) is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Faculty of Counselling Psychology of Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest (Hungary). He has researched career management skills and life skills on the basis of counselling in Higher Education. He has been working for over a decade as career counsellor in HE, leading researcher of the Hungarian Association of Counsellors in HE (FETA). His current field of research is related to impact of CEIAG (career education, information, advice and guidance) services. He is internal expert of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) in Workpackage 4, coordinating an international pilotproject in impact measurement.