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Euroguidance newsletters

Euroguidance, Europass and EQF newsletter and Euroguidance insight aim to promote European dimension in career guidance.

Euroguidance, Europass and EQF newsletter 

Euroguidance, Europass and EQF Slovenia publish joint newsletter covering relevant topics. Read the articles published in newsletter

Please contact us if you would like to subscribe to Euroguidance, Europass and EQF newsletter.

Up-to-date news for European guidance counsellors with Euroguidance insight

Euroguidance Promotion working group publishes Euroguidance insight twice a year with interesting news and interviews with experts in the field of lifelong career orientation. Read and download the Euroguidance insight.

Euroguidance Highlights

Yearly edition of the Euroguidance network's achievements highlights the activities taken across Europe to promote learning mobility and European cooperation in the field of lifelong guidance.

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